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Barry was, last night, elected as Member of Parliament for Brent North for the 6th time.


At the count, which took place overnight at Brent Civic Centre, Acting Returning Officer Carolyn Downs declared Barry the winner of the Brent North seat. Barry won 35,496 votes, a majority of 17,061 votes over his nearest opponent. Both Barry’s majority and share of the vote are higher than at any time since Barry was first elected in 1997. Turnout in Brent North was 68.4%, the highest it has been since the 1992 general election.

The election, which took place after the Prime Minister’s decision to call an election for the 8th June was approved by Parliament, was widely expected to result in a large majority for the Conservative Party but instead resulted in a ‘hung’ Parliament with no single party gaining a majority. The Labour party gained 30 seats, winning 262 seats overall.

Speaking following the election, Barry said:

“The affection that I have for the people of my constituency- and that it would appear they have for me- is something that I deeply treasure. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to have served the people of Brent North these past 20 years and I am humbled that over 35,000 of you have once again decided to put your trust in me as your Member of Parliament. It was overwhelming to see queues at polling stations as more people participated in our democracy than at any point since I won the seat in 1997. We ran an honest campaign and were vindicated for it.

We did the same nationally. Labour won 40% of the vote, gained over 30 seats and against all odds, humbled a Prime Minister who believed herself to be invincible. There was arrogance from the Prime Minister when she called this election, she took the country for granted and she believed that people had nowhere to go. We gave them somewhere to go because we had a manifesto that was honest and straightforward about policies and it said things that the people of this country wanted to hear. The Prime Minister offered a manifesto that was light on detail and, where it gave any clarity, only revealed to the people of this country that it was against them and not for them.

This is now a government hanging by a thread and has become the coalition of chaos of its own election campaign. We will work every day to bring about a Labour government that will govern in the interests of the many not the few.”

Barry re-elected as MP for Brent North

Barry was, last night, elected as Member of Parliament for Brent North for the 6th time.

Barry has issued the following statement following the attacks in London last night:

"London this morning has responded with grief, with anger and with pride.

Grief for the victims of this senseless vicious attack.

Anger that these warped and disaffected terrorists seek to deprive us of our rights and freedoms.

Pride in the swift and decisive response from our police officers and from all those in our emergency services who, regardless of their own safetyu, dutifully went about their calm work of saving lives and comforting victims.

Londoners have been the target of such attacks before. Through our determination and unity we have always shown them to be futile.

They can never defeat us. They can never defeat the precious values which we hold at the heart of our great city."

Statement on London Attacks

Barry has issued the following statement following the attacks in London last night:

Yesterday, Barry made a speech setting out Labour's vision for international trade in the 21st Century.


Speaking at the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) in London, Barry told the audience that the opportunity for the UK to set its own policy on international trade for the first time in decades was both a challenge and an opportunity - an opportunity that Labour, as a proud internationalist party, relishes.

Barry reaffirmed Labour's commitment to fair and open trade. Labour's new internationalism for the 21st  century is based on an ambition to see trade and investment support the highest standards of sustainable growth, decent jobs and shared prosperity.

Barry's speech drew particular attention to five Labour commitments on International Trade:

  • Labour will work with business to develop an integrated trade and industrial strategy, ensuring that our overseas exports and our inward investment support the high-productivity, high- wage and high-skills economy that we aspire to; and vice versa.

  • Labour will use the full range of export credit, finance, insurance and trade promotion tools to boost British exports and to support those sectors we identify as priorities in the industrial strategy.

  • Labour will create a network of regional trade and investment champions up and down the country, to ensure that the interests of businesses right across the UK are represented in our trade strategy, and to include regional representatives on our trade missions overseas.

  • Labour will boost market access for British exports of environmental goods and services, both bilaterally and through our active support for an Environmental Goods Agreement at the Wold Trade Organization (WTO).

  • Labour will to champion the export interests of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), by offering them a dedicated export incentive scheme and by ring-fencing grants from the Tradeshow Access Programme to help SMEs reach new customers around the world.

Barry said "The Conservatives have stated that their priority is reducing immigration. Labour believes that the real priority is our economy and the jobs and growth that depend on it. They would sacrifice growth to keep immigration low. We would control immigration to reflect the needs of our economy.

"Our vision can only be an internationalist vision if it extends beyond our own borders. With all the upheaval created by Brexit and the anxiety of a world riven with seemingly intractable conflicts, we need a new model of trade and investment that can restore people’s faith in the power of international relations to do good. That is why a Labour government will match our ambition to open up new markets overseas with a commitment to make trade and investment work in the interests of all people, enhancing rights at work, life opportunities and social standards not just in Britain but across the world.

"As the Labour Party pioneers sought to do 100 years ago, we will use international trade to build bridges between peoples, and to break down walls. We will seek to negotiate new agreements with our trading partners based on the principles of mutual respect and cooperation, with public interest at their heart. A Labour government will ensure that future trade agreements are cast in a new mould that is fit for the challenges of the 21st  century, and we will rebuild confidence in the ability of trade negotiators to serve the public good.

We in the Labour Party are steadfast in our belief that, when correctly designed and properly managed, international trade and foreign investment are – and should be – of genuine benefit to the many, not just the few. For this to become a reality, we need a change of direction. This election offers the people of Britain the opportunity to make that change."

If you'd like to watch the whole speech you can do so here:

Barry sets out vision for international trade in the 21st Century

Yesterday, Barry made a speech setting out Labour's vision for international trade in the 21st Century.

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