Barry Gardiner

Working Hard for Brent North


Barry joins local Councillors and volunteers to clean Brent streets




On 18th January Barry joined local Councillors and volunteers in Wembley to clear up waste and rubbish left on the streets.

Brent Council has launched a campaign to target illegal waste being dumped on the streets

and in public areas and is seeking to work with businesses and community organisations to help raise awareness of the problem and to tackle the issue head on.



Barry opens new children's home in Brent




On 11th January 2014 Barry was delighted to be invited to join the team at House of Hope London to open a new care home for children and young people in Brent.

House of Hope London provides a spacious and comfortable home for children in need of care, support and stability

and Barry was honoured to be able to show his support for the fantastic work that the team, including Angelo Da Silva and Dennise Christensen, do to help improve the lives of troubled children in Brent.


Barry takes part in Age UK Brent dementia conference




On 25th October 2013 Barry took part in Age UK Brent's Dementia Conference to discuss the criticial challenges arising from dementia and to raise awareness of the need for early diganosis. Dementia will effect 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 and is recognised as the leading cause of disability in later life yet a great number of cases go undiagnosed.

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Barry joins volunteers for Sewa Day 2013 in Brent



On 6th October 2013 Barry was delighted to join a number of Brent volunteers and celebrity entertainer Navin Kundra to take part in the Sewa Day 2013 community activities in Brent.

Sewa Day is a movement which aims to spreads the concept of "Sewa" - performing acts of generosity and kindness without expecting anything in return.

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Barry writes to Home Secretary condemning "Go Home or Face Arrest" campaign


On 23rd July 2013 Barry wrote to the Home Secretary to condemn the Home Office's decision to send vans to Brent carrying posters warning illegal immigrants to "Go Home or Face Arrest".

Barry called upon the Home Secretary, Theresa May MP, to explain why it was decided that this campaign should target Brent and a number of other London boroughs and criticised her decision in light of recent findings of a Parliamentary report into failings at the Home Office to process immigration cases. 

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Barry celebrates Brent Pensioners Forum's 25th Anniversary


On 16th November 2012 Barry had the pleasure of joining Ms Violet Steele and the Brent Pensioners Forum to celebrate their 25th Anniversary.

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Happy Diwali and a prosperous New Year



Diwali is a time to celebrate the victory of good over evil, to take stock and be grateful for the gifts bestowed to us and to show our appreciation to our family, friends and communities.

On behalf of Labour Friends of India, I wish a happy Diwali, and prosperous New Year to all Hindu, Sikh, Jain and Buddhist communities throughout the UK. 

Barry Gardiner MP


Barry helps Oliver Goldsmith Primary School celebrate World School Milk Day


On 9th October 2012 Barry helped pupils at Oliver Goldsmith Primary School in Kingsbury to celebrate World School Milk Day.

World School Milk Day is an international celebration of milk and aims to encourage school children drink milk and also to teach them about the benefits of milk.

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Barry takes part in Sewa Day Community Clean Up



On 7th October 2012 Barry was delighted to join a number of volunteers to take part in the Sewa Day community clean up.

Sewa originally means performing acts of kindness without any expectation of reward or ulterior motive. Building on this idea, the Sewa Day charity is an organisation that brings together communities to take part in social action programmes, such as cleaning streets and planting trees in order to further improve local neighbourhoods.

The Sewa Day charity grew progressively from this idea and now organises social projects in more than 20 countries with over 50,000 people taking part in collective action.

Barry joined a group of local children and helped them to clean up the One Tree Hill recreational Ground in Alperton and Fryent Country Park alongside Cllr Muhammed Butt.

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Barry visits Mogden Sewage Works for North Brent Flood Working Group



On 7th September 2012 Barry joined John Timms MBE of the Brent North Flood Working Group for a visit of Thames Water's Mogden Sewage Works plant to learn about Thames Water's sewage and flood management systems and to discuss solutions to flooding issues in Brent North.


Barry opens community centre for the Ismaili Muslim Community



On 13th July 2012 Barry had the pleasure of attending the opening ceremony for the Community Centre for the Ismaili Muslim Community as guest of honour and keynote speaker.

The event marked the opening of a community centre for the residents of Jubilee Court, a purpose-built, independent living care facility for elderly and disabled members of the Ismaili Muslim community in Brent. Barry joined Mr Amin Mawji OBE, President of the Ismaili Council in the UK in unveiling a plaque dedicated to the new centre.

You can find out more about Jubilee Court here.


Barry visits Kingsbury High School to celebrate the arrival of the Olympics


Headteacher Jeremy Waxman and the inspirational Annette Woodrow who organised the event 

On 12th July 2012 Barry visited Kingsbury High School in Brent to meet with students and teachers as part of the school's Olympics welcoming celebrations. Barry shared the schoolchildren's excitement about the coming of the Games and congratulated Jai Padhiar on being selected as an Olympic torchbearer and the school for being invited to take part in the Guard of Honour being formed to welcome the Olympic athletes to the Olympic village.

Barry takes part in 40th Anniversary Annual Mela festival of the Shree Kutch Leva Patel Community in the United Kingdom


Barry Gardiner MP looks on as Steve Pound, Member of Parliament for Ealing North, addresses the crowd wearing a Kutchi Pugri

On 8th July 2012 Barry had the pleasure of attending and taking part in the 40th anniversary celebrations of the Shree Kutch Leva Patel Community (SKLP UK) Annual Mela festival in Northolt. The celebrations included a showcase of dance and stage performances, fantastic food, attractions and speeches from members from Brent and Harrow.

The SKLP UK is a community based organisation which aims to develop local and international bonds between its members and affiliates and have hosted their Annual Mela annually promoting the sporting and cultural heritage of their members.

You can find out more about SKLP UK here.


Barry participates in installation of new shrine at Shiri Sanatan Hindu Mandir in Wembley



On 1st June 2012 Barry had the pleasure of joining Mo Butt, new Labour Leader of Brent Council, Councillor Bhagwanji Chonan and Narendra Thakrar to take part in the ceremony of the installation of the Jyotirling (shrine) of Lord Shiva at the foundation of the Mandir on Ealing Road.



Barry meets with the Trustees of Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Neasden


On 29th May 2012 Barry met with the Trustees of BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Neasden to discuss the temple's future activities and its key role in the community.

You can find out more about future activities at the temple here.

Barry awards Diamond Jubilee certificates to Brent North school children



Between 25th May and 1st June 2012 Barry awarded special commemorative certificates to pupils of Sudbury Primary School, Byron Court Primary School, Barham Primary School, Oliver Goldsmith Primary School, Preston Manor Primary School, Park Lane Primary School, Ark Academy, Kingsbury Green Primary School, Buxlow Primary School, Roe Green Primary School and Wembley Primary School To celebrate Her Majesty the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

To mark the 60 year reign of HM Queen Elizabeth II, a significant occasion in British history with Queen Victoria being the only other monarch to have done so, Barry wanted Brent North schoolchildren to have a lasting souvenir. The certificates also provided an opportunity for Barry to meet with schoolchildren and teachers from Brent and to hear their thoughts about the role of the Queen and the importance of the Diamond Jubilee.

If any school would like certificates for their pupils these can still be obtained from Barry's office whilst stocks last!


Barry welcomes delegation of female politicians from Afghanistan and Pakistan to Brent to discuss key issues



On 18th May 2012 Barry welcomed a delegation of female members of the Afghan and Pakistani parliaments to Brent to discuss specific issues such as forced marriage and domestic violence and to share ideas on how women may take a more active role in politics.

Barry also had the pleasure of guiding the group on a tour beginning with a visit to Brent Town Hall to meet local councillors and council staff before joining the trustees of the Asian Women's Resource Centre to learn about the centre's service offerings and facilities. This was then followed with a meeting with staff of the Brent Community Law Centre before attending prayers at Brent Central Mosque.

Barry addresses Brent Private Tenants Rights Group and National Landlords Association as keynote speaker



On 16th May 2012 Barry was invited to attend a meeting of the Brent Private Tenants Rights Group (BPTRG) and the National Landlords Association as keynote speaker to discuss the rights of tenants in the private sector and the difficulties faced by both tenants and landlords.

The meeting was organised by BPTRG to address concerns that Brent residents have regarding their rights when it comes to renting from private landlords and to discuss the government's position on the rights of tenants and the regulation of the private housing sector.

You can find more information about the Brent Private Tenants Rights Group here.


Barry congratulates students at the Wings of Hope Awards



On 19th April 2012 Barry addressed the young winners of the Wings of Hope Achievement Awards ceremony at Wembley Stadium which was presented by BBC World News newsreader, Babita Sharma.

Founded by Dr Sri and Rajni Ram, The Wings of Hope Achievement Award is awarded to secondary school students who have shown great creativity and leadership in raising money to sponsor the education of children in poorer countries. Entertainment for the evening was provided by Britain's Got Talent contestants, The Lovable Rogues.

You can find out more about Wings of Hope here.


Barry attends Ramanavami festival



On 1st April 2012 Barry had the pleasure of attending the traditional Ramanavami celebrations commemorating the birth of the Lord Ram.



Barry attends Palm Sunday service at All Saints, Queensbury



On 1st April 2012 Barry, once again, joined with the congregation at All Saints Church, Queensbury to read the lesson.

As the picture shows it was a dynamic affair with the children putting on a display of fashion made entirely out of garbage.


Barry attends Charity Garba in aid of Better Lives Foundation



On 25th March 2012 Barry was delighted to attend a charity dance event showcasing traditional Hindu dancing, otherwise known as Raas Garba.

The event was hosted by the Better Lives Foundation UK in order to raise funds to support their charitable works in various developing countries throughout the world. The charity aims to improve the lives of people in poorer countries by helping the local communities to develop medical facilities and medical education.

You can learn more about the Better Lives Foundation here.



Barry welcomes Claremont High School students to Parliament



On 19th March 2012 Barry welcomed Year 9 students from Claremont High School to Parliament for a tour of the Parliamentary Estate. The students had the unique opportunity to see Westminster Hall at its most splendid as Parliament prepared for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee speech.

Barry had visited Claremont High School earlier in March, where he met with the Year 9 students and enjoyed a lively discussion about politics and tackling racism. Barry was delighted to have been able to return an invitation to the students.

Barry welcomes Kingsbury police officers to Westminster



On 27th February 2012 Barry welcomed Kingsbury police officers to Wesminster for a tour of Parliament.

Last November, three police officers were were stabbed and another injured as they arrested a man on Kingsbury High Road. Thankfully the officers recovered and following the incident, Barry as local MP, invited them to the House of Commons. Barry extended the warmest thanks from everyone in Brent for the bravery and sacrifice they have shown protecting our community.

Barry Hosts his first Coffee Morning of 2012



With space at a premium and the crows spilling out into the hall, the latest of Barry's coffee mornings for constituents was deemed a resounding success.

Almost one hundred people turned out to discuss both the big issues of the day - the NHS, changes to benefit and Government cuts - as well as the local issues that are important to people: libraries, street lighting and litter.

Barry's coffee mornings are relaxed affairs with no long speeches and a small group of constituents. Everone has a chance to speak and there is plenty of time to chat and enjoy a cup of tea and a biscuit together. Further coffee mornings are planned and details will be posted here as soon as they are known.

Campaigning against Paan Spitting


Barry joined George  Sabaratnam and Mrs. Renu Kaul from the local Sudbury Residents’ Association to discuss the Association’s ‘Neighbourhood Plan’ and the ongoing problem of Paan spitting on the streets of Sudbury and Wembley.

Barry then met with local Councillor Mary Daly to work with Brent Trading Standardsto address the problem. Barry wants to make sure that every shop in Brent that sells Paan is operating legally, as it often includes an element of tobacco.

Barry asks  all shops to issue small spittle bags to customers to remind them that it is illegal to spit on the street. A number of shops have now purchased pouches to be supplied with every Paan sale. Officers from Brent and Harrow Trading Standards made a number of undercover test purchases, resulting in at least one supplier being prosecuted for selling to an underaged agent.

Barry would like to invite residents to email him the name and address of any shop in Brent not handing out spittle bags when they sell Paan to customers so that he can follow this up with them.


Barry signs up to Age UK's winter pledge


Barry Gardiner MP has signed Age UK's winter pledge, showing his support for a campaign aimed at reducing the number of annual winter deaths.

With fuel bills rising and many older people suffering from Government cuts to essential services, Barry has fought the Big Six energy companies over their selling practices, and is now throwing his support behind Age UK's campaign.

Read more: Barry signs up to Age UK's winter pledge


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Barry Gardiner



This Christmas as many of our families are experiencing the effects of the recession it is perhaps more important than ever to reflect upon the story of the nativity.

God chose to become human not in the form of a prince or a wealthy man but as the son of a carpenter, born in a stable. His family became refugees and had to flee their own country.

This is the essence of the Christmas message, that god is at home with the poor and the dispossessed and that our salvation lies not in wealth and power but in the loving service of others.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

Barry Gardiner MP

 Congratulations to Emma (age 10) from St. Robert's Southwell Prmary School for winning this year's competition!


Barry Gardiner launches first online advice surgery in UK



Barry Gardiner has become the first Member of Parliament to launch an online advice surgery. The new experimental service is available now.

The online surgery is the quickest, cheapest and more eco-friendly way of contacting Barry.

Constituents using this service will not need to write letters, pay for postage or book an appointment anymore. Instead, they can submit their case online and will receive an email once a response is available.

The online surgery completes the set of new media that Barry started using in 2010 to provide a better service and constant updates to his constituents and more information to his supporters. These include Barry's main political website, his environmental blog, his twitter feed @barrygardiner and Barry's e-Newsletter.

Barry Gardiner, MP for Brent North, said:

"I am delighted to be able to launch my new online advice surgery. I am always eager to hear from my constituents and this will give them another way to getting in touch with me.

"It is important that as MPs, we respond to the new ways people are using technology. Relying on phone calls and letters can be time consuming and inconvenient for many people. This new service is not only more efficient for my constituents, but it is also better for the environment, as well as the taxpayer. I will of course continue to hold my five regular surgeries every month as well as my Sunday visiting programme and coffee mornings."


Barry attends Park Lane Centenary Fair



On 7 April 2011 Barry joined the Mayor of Brent Mr Harbhajan Singh and Mrs Jean Reynolds the Headteacher of Park Lane Primary School to celebrate the school's 100th birthday.

Park Lane Junior and Infant School serves an area with a large minority ethnic population. Its intake is both ethnically diverse and very mobile. Almost half the pupils are from Asian backgrounds, and around a quarter are of Black African or Caribbean heritage.

Despite the school population has grown to nearly 400 in recent years (there were only 300 as recently as 2009), thanks to the brilliant job done by teachers, staff and governors the school has managed to raise its standards of education.

In the latest Ofsted inspection Park Lane primary has reported an overall "good" grade up from the "satisfactory" reported in 2009.

Happy centenary and congratulations.

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