200 Days to Drop Dow: a Bhopal Campaign Update


“200 days to drop Dow from the London Olympics”, that was the message Barry gave out in Trafalgar Square on January the 9th as he joined campaigners in Chennai, Bhopal, Nicaragua, Michigan and Vietnam to protest against Dow Chemical’s involvements in the London Games. Barry continues to fight for the integrity of the Olympic Games, which he fears will be damaged by Dow's inexcusable human rights violations in regards to the 1984 Bhopal gas disaster. 

Barry and other campaigners gathered in front of the Olympic Countdown Clock in Trafalgar Square and challenged Lord Coe, Chair of the London Organising Committee, to share a glass of "B’eau Pal": contaminated water from the Bhopal site which local residents are still forced to drink every day. Labour Friends of India campaign to kick Dow out of the London Olympics gained huge momentum when Meredith Alexander, one of the 13 commissioners for the Games, resigned.

Mrs Alexander said she had resigned because she felt uneasy about the Commission's relationship with Dow. Following Mrs Alexander’s resignation, Chief Minister Chouhan, of the State of Madhya Pradesh, called for a boycott of the Games if Dow was not dropped.

The petition on change.org has over 17,000 signatures. There are only 200 days left to kick Dow out of the Olympics. Please help and click here to sign the petition.

Left Foot Forward: 200 days to drop Dow

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